Health and Fitness

Time to get REAL


This is me, Jennifer, who has struggled my entire life with my ever changing weight.  In 2008 after giving birth to my third son I realized that I couldn’t take one more day of being overweight and unfit. During a year span I lost 70lbs and got to a weight of 180lbs (pic on far left). I was working out daily, counting calories and on an ultimate high with my new found body and confidence.  I was running 5k’s at least once a month and did a half marathon in December of 2010.  I found a person that I was looking for my entire life.  A person that wasn’t afraid to do anything, talk to anyone, could actually shop in any store and didn’t feel like I had to hide or cover up because I was finally proud of the person that I was.

What I didn’t know was along with this new found confidence came an unwelcome cockiness.  By me coming out of my shell and finding these new people in my life I started to think I was well…the “sh*t”.  I’m not proud of the person that I had become and didn’t handle this version of me very well.  I began to lash out and lose faith in the important things in life….my family.  After much heart ache and months of struggles my husband and I divorced.  Our family including our three boys was now shattered and I felt like a failure.

Here I was again trying to find the way of being a single Mother trying to raise my three boys that I share custody with their Dad.  I ended up gaining the 70+ lbs back on (pic in middle) because it was easier to fill myself with food then to feel this emptiness in me that was always there.

Fast forward to now….I’m done feeling sorry for myself. Crap happens in all of our lives and it’s up to us as to how we deal with it. I am the only person who is in control of ME and I only get ONE body to work with SO…I’m here to dedicate myself to a healthy lifestyle and be the best person I know that I can be.  Since May 2012 I have lost 25lbs and I’m currently the picture on the right.  I have also met an amazing man that I’m currently living with, my boys love him and I love his daughter.  Things are definitely looking up in the relationship world 🙂 I have a long way to go with my weight BUT I’m taking one day at a time and will eventually get there.


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