Muffin Tins are no longer only for muffins!


How many times do you use your muffin tins?  These baking pan invention usually just ends up taking up space and are difficult to store.  Well I wanted to find out what in the world can I use these tins for so I started surfing the Net.  Here are some great ideas that I found.

1) Ice cube try – Perfect for punches or large containers of ice tea or lemonade.


2) Egg sandwiches – Spray each muffin spot with non-stick cooking spry.  Break an egg in each spot and top with veggies and cheese of choice.  Bake in the oven until done and place on toast or english muffin.

3) Food Tray – Fill each spot with a yummy foods for some kid fun lunch.  Apples, crackers, cheese, finger sandwiches and even a cookie

4) Drawer organizer – Every family has that “junk drawer” some where in their house.  Use the muffin tin to organize like items to clean up the clutter


5) Ice Cream Scoops – Scoop ice cream into each spot for parties.  When it’s cake time you can serve it in a jiffy along with the cake

6) Soup Stock – Make fresh soup stock and pour into each spot, place in freezer.  Once frozen store each piece in a freezer bag. Better than instant bullion!

7) Mini Meatloaf – This will help your portion control and make it easier and faster for left overs

8) Herb containers – Grow the same or a different herb in each spot and have easily accessible for cooking


Get those muffin tins out, dust them off and start using them!  Cheers 🙂



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