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Shin Splints


So…..shin splints suck!  Went running a week ago, ended up doing 3 miles and felt great.  The following couple of days I did Turbo Fire (I like to mix it up) and again great.  Went running a couple days later and had to walk because of sharp pains from my ankles to my knees.  Yes, shin splints.  Seriously, why?  I work out HARD and my legs are muscle so how am I getting shin splints?

According to Mayo clinic, it’s due to too much force being placed on the shinbone and connective tissue during physical activity.  Really?!?  Turbo Fire is nothing but high impact jumping and I never have issues with my legs hurting with the exception of tired muscles.  I believe that I have them due to running downhill and on an uneven slope, which according to Mayo is another way to get them.  The neighborhood where I run has a lot of hills and the road I take to get there is a busy street therefore I walk in the grass which is a hill.  So there lies my problem

Now that I know where I got the dang things from what can I do to prevent myself from getting them in the future?  Take a different route to get to the neighborhood is my number 1 goal.  I’m also looking into compression calf socks to wear while running.  I’m hoping that this will keep those muscles tight and stop them bad boys from coming back.  For right now though it’s rest and ice.



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