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What’s on your playlist?

I don’t know about you but when I work out I need tunes to jam to.  Whether I’m running, lifting or doing Turbo Fire, music turns your ordinary cardio session into a party.  Music pushes you and forces you to work harder, jump higher and lunge lower.  But the best part of music for me is…..the time goes super-fast!Heart

Why work out and be bored?  To commit to a healthy lifestyle means to put in the time sweating.  The only way you are going to do that on a daily basis is if it’s FUN!  I would like for us to come up with a monster of a play list.  Below is a list of my “sweat” list….feel free to add your favorites to it.

Crazy Horse – Black Label Society

Not Afraid – Eminem

Not Over You – Gavin DeGraw

Jesus of Suburbia – Green Day

The Sweet Escape – Gwen Stefani

Party Rock Antham – LMAFO

We Found Love – Rihanna

Dragula – Rob Zombie

I Wanna Be Cremated – Wednesday 13

I Walked with a Zombie – Wednesday 13

Anything from Wednesday 13 or Rob Zombie are always my go to’s.  Sometimes I just want noise and that’s when I turn on Behemoth or Lamb of God.  What’s on your go to list?


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