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5K Series Starting Today!!!!

Clip ArtIt’s time!  The 5K Series started today, woot woot! My game plan for this series is this: total series will be 8 weeks long, I will be providing a weekly update (every Sunday) as to what took place the week prior and preview what will be coming up in the week ahead.   These posts will contain the schedule and the food I ate during these days as well as a link to YouTube for a weekly video.  If you would like to get a head start and subscribe to the YouTube feed the channel name is  “HealthyJrny”.

My schedule for this week is below.  You will see that I’m running 3 days and cross training the others.  Ideally you would want to run every other day however due to scheduling conflicts this week I had to alter training.  I also never schedule days off.  Things in life happen so if I can’t work out I don’t however if I have time then I’m getting something in.  If you want to have a day off then plan ahead.  My cross training days will be a DVD that I can do in my house so that I’m using different muscle groups.  Remember you want to give those muscles that you will be using while running a day off to maximize your training and so you don’t get hurt.

Week 1 Schedule

To help with your training I thought I would provide you with a list of gear and resources that may help you in these next few weeks.  I  LOVE and yes I mean LOVE Nike+ equipment.  Nike+ shoes have a little slot in the sole for you to place the Nike+ sensor which connects to the Nike+ app which can be found on an iPod or iPhone.  The reason why I love it is because it provides you with updates while you are running on how far you have gone, your pace per mile and calories burned all while listening to your favorite tunes.  After your run you can sync this information to the Nike+ website if you wish or share on your social media website. For more information on Nike+ here’s the website:

If you don’t want to invest much money in the beginning then there are several apps out there that will keep track of your running.  These include Map My Run, Runtastic, Endomondo, 5K Runner, Couch to 5K and many more.  Some will give you so many days for weeks to try out the app and if you like it then the entire training program will cost a couple bucks.

If you are old school and what a training calendar to print out and if you aren’t comfortable making one yourself here are a couple of links that you may benefit from.

Below is a website that will have events in your area.  This is great if you want to sign up for a race at the end of the training period.

Remember this is your training so feel free to alter the schedules to meet your goals and lifestyle.  If it takes you 12 weeks instead of 8 who cares!  You are getting out, moving and getting closer to your goal.


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