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5K Series – Week 1

Week one is over and it was a frustrating week.  I stuck to my eating which was GREAT but to be honest running makes me mad LOL.  Of course my shins and ankles are KILLING me afterwards every single time it was a run day.  The cardio aspect of running was good.  I wasn’t tired, felt energetic and almost to the point that I felt like I needed to do something else because my lungs weren’t getting a workout.  I didn’t push myself though because I wanted to stay on track with my schedule and be able to provide you with the proper results.

Week 1 schedule was suppose to be:

Week 1 Schedule




BUT….ended up to be:

Week 1 Schedule Actual




Day 1 my lungs were fine while running however outer ankles were hurting so I had to stop to stretch them often.

Day 2 I crossed trained and did Turbo Fire 60 and felt great afterwards.  The nice thing was that it didn’t bother my shins or ankles so it gave them a nice rest.

Day 3 I went back to running and got frustrated.  It took me until mile 2 to feel ‘ok’ with my shins and ankles.  Decided a trip to the running store was needed.

Day 4 I walked during my lunch break at work however did nothing in the evening because my legs were killing!

Day 5 and 6 I took those days off.  My legs were still really sore and I was afraid to push it too much because I didn’t want to do more harm than good.

Day 7 was a strength day so I did ChaLEAN Extreme in the morning.

So this is what I learned from this past week.  New shoes were needed so I went to the running store yesterday and they evaluated the landing of my feet while running.  The findings….when I land I tilt my ankle inward which puts strain on the outside of my ankle and also causes shin splints.  I ended up getting a pair of Nike Zoom Structure Radom Pics 004which turned out to also be Nike+ shoes, so I was a happy girl.   The benefits of the Nike Zoom Structure shoe is it features multiple pronation-control benefits and a snug, comfortable fit .  While in the store I jogged across the showroom and actually didn’t feel sharp pains from my ankle to knees that I have been experiencing.  I will be testing them out today on my run and will let you know the results.


This weeks schedule is:

Week 2 Schedule




Please click “like” if you found this article helpful and feel free to leave a comment.  Also for this past weeks videos check out  www.YouTube/user/HealthyJrny for this past weeks videos.

Time to get running!


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