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5K Series – Week 2

So week 2 was NOT a good week for me.  It rained a lot in NC this past week which prevented me from going out running.  The week was suppose to look like :

Week 2 Schedule

However turned into:

Week 2 Schedule Actual



Sunday Day 8 was great!  I got my new shoes and I didn’t feel any pain.  However by the end of day 9 my legs were hurting.  It wasn’t as bad as usual and my ankles weren’t hurting but it was still painful and tight.  On Tuesday day 10 to Thursday day 12 good thing I walked during lunch because it rained each night.  Friday, day 13 turned into yet another rest day and Saturday, day 14 spent some time swimming.  As you can see it was an awful week.  I did go running yesterday and it was a great run!  I’m feeling more hopeful for this week.

For a complete list of this weeks videos check out my YouTube channel at

Please comment below and let me know what you like/dislike about this series so far and any ideas you have for upcoming series.  Have a great day and do something active!


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