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What is coaching

Psssttt…I’ve got a question for YOU. Have you ever wondered what the heck I do besides just posting on my LIKE page all day?

Tonight at 9:00pm EST there will be a 30 min ‘What Is Coaching’ call on what exactly I do as a ‘Beachbody Coach’. I think there’s a persona behind coaching that you have to be a “salesperson” when that’s NOT what makes a coach an amazing coach! It’s someone who is able to really help others get healthier/fitter/more financially stable while in turn getting into the best shape of THEIR lives. An added bonus is that you get to surround yourself with people who BELIEVE in you, your potential and will always be BRINGING YOU UP…not tearing you down. Sounds pretty nice huh??

So if you’re reading this post and you have ANY interest in checking out what this entails…Comment below with contact info or visit ASAP and I’ll send you the call information. What’s STOPPING you??



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