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November is about GIVING BACK

Radom Pics 007

OK, so we all know that with this time of year also comes the parties and family gatherings which include not so healthy foods.  Large meals and desserts are all around us during the Holiday season.  Year after year we slack in our workouts, eat way too much and pack on 5-10 pounds during the winter months.  Instead of waiting until January to get back on track, how about starting NOW and either maintain your current weight or even lose a couple of pounds?  Be PRO-ACTIVE instead of reactive.

In the month of November I am offering cash back as well as a coupon on future purchases AND a donation to Feeding America.  The month of November is all about saving money and helping those in need.
Don’t wait until the New Year.  Email me at and lets get started on your PREVENTION to weight gain TODAY!

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