Tips for Traveling


This time of year for some of us means traveling.  Whether it’s for a day or several traveling can really throw a curve ball into our healthy eating habits.  So, what are some things that can be done to help us stay on track during this busy season?

 Several things I always have on hand are almonds, apples, grapes, carrot sticks, celery, hard boil eggs, pouch tuna, Shakeology and my shaker blender.  Doesn’t matter if you are going hiking for the day, a day trip to the in-laws or a weekend getaway…these are all things that will help you stay on track. 

 I find it easier to portion out the items.  Measure out your almonds and put one serving into a snack bag for easy grabbing when you need a protein filled option.  Carrots and celery can also be done this way. Place the correct amount of ounces of almond milk in your shaker blender so that it’s prepared for when you are ready to have your shake.  I normally get a small cooler, place all portioned/washed items in it and I’m ready to go.  The pouch tuna and Shakeology come in handy when it’s time to stop for lunch however only fast food places are around. 

 If your stay is for several days then eating out with family members or a family dinner of some kind will likely occur.  In this case make wise decisions.  Mentally, section off your plate into four sections.  Fill two sections with a vegetable, one section with a lean protein and the last section with a complex carb (sweet potato, whole grain).  If there isn’t a smart carb option then fill the last section with more protein.   

 If your family decides to eat out for dinner then again look at the healthiest option on the menu.  Chances are you will find a meal that includes chicken or fish to be your best bet.  If the protein has a sauce of some kind, ask the server to please hold the sauce.  For your side, have some veggies and a salad with oil and extra virgin olive oil (on the side).

 DON’T FORGET YOUR WATER!  If you are nervous about going overboard with your eating then drink sixteen ounces of water prior to your meal.  You should also be drinking water throughout the day which will help curb your hunger. 

 Remember: You are human and therefore it’s ok to have something that normally you probably wouldn’t.  If the only time you can get a piece of aunt Nancy’s homemade pecan pie is during thanksgiving then have a piece…maybe a small one. The point is to enjoy your time with your family and take a break….everything in moderation.  🙂


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