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Radom Pics 009

Hey guys!  One of my previous blogs was about going for my Turbo Kick certification.  Well…I PASSED!  It was an amazing 6 hour workout session followed by a test which included leading the group in part of the exercise.  OK, so me with a microphone leading a group of people who are eager to get fit and healthy, this was heaven to me!

Since completing my certification I have been practicing the choreography as well as counting the music.  I have to be honest, I never thought about having to exercise, get people motivated, count the steps AND stay on beat!  So far so good though 🙂  I have been in touch with several gyms in the local area to see if they would allow me to teach or sub however no news as of yet.

I will be sure to keep you posted.  As for now, I’ll just keep practicing and building on my skills.

Have a great night everyone!