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Spruce up your Workouts

Ad for Spring 2013 ChallengeDo you realize that spring is right around the Corner? March 20th to be exact!

You spruce up your house when the seasons change, so why not do the same with your workouts?

Doing the same routine every day not only can get boring but can also cause plateaus. Your body becomes accustomed to those moves and your muscles (including your heart) doesn’t react the same way.

I’m starting a new group on March 3 called ‘Spruce Up Your Fitness Routine’ and would love for you to join me! We’ll check in daily for support, workout at home using a top fitness program, receive meal plans, and drink Shakeology daily (an all natural meal replacement drink). We WILL see results and feel better in 30 days (Just in time for that swimsuit weather!).

Comment below with your email address or feel free to either email me at or message me on Facebook at to claim your spot!


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