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For the longest time my fingernails would grow, reach a certain length and then either start peeling or breaking off.  I was debating on getting acrylic tips or an acrylic overlay however my concern with this was that I don’t really care for the drill that a lot of places use since my nails are already brittle.  I then decided to post a status update on Facebook asking what to do.  One of my friends told me about the gel polish manicure system by Red Carpet.  I did a little research which included watching several YouTube videos about the system.  I decided to give it a whirl.  The Red Carpet is a little pricey but all of the at home gel manicure systems are within the same range.  I purchased mine at Target, which was the same price as Ulta.

Here’s my review: I LOVE it!  It’s easy, fast and no drying time what so ever 🙂  The Red Carpet gel manicure set includes a LED light, erase solution, purify solution, prep, structure, brilliance, revitalize formula and a nail color (mine had red).  The step by step instructions are very easy to follow.  The most important thing to remember is when applying each nail formula, apply a VERY THIN layer.  The first time I did this my color lasted for about a week and the entire gel sheet started to peel from my nail.  After looking into this I discovered that I applied too much of the structure layer which caused it to start to lift and curl around the edges.  The second time I did the process, I wiped almost the entire amount of the structure formula off of the polish brush prior to application.  This worked MUCH BETTER!  I also believe the color itself applied better because of this.

If you are looking for a great at home nail system I would definitely recommend to make the investment.  In the end it will save your nails and your wallet.



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