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3 Top Tips to Get YOUR Workout In..

SECRETOf course there are going to be days when you don’t feel like working out.  I LOVE fitness and I even have bad days.  I have come up with three ways to commit to working out when these times occur.

Tip #1:

Put your workout clothes on.  Sounds so simple right?  How many of you stay in pj’s longer than you should on the weekends or get home during the week and go right back into your pj’s?  I have done it.  What I have found is that I’m more committed to getting my workouts in if I have the clothes on to remind me.  So…on the weekends, as soon as I wake up I put on my workout clothes.  During the week, I come home from work and again, put my workout clothes on.  It puts me in the right mindset to make it happen.

Tip #2:

Schedule it.  I know that you probably have heard of this before but it REALLY does work.  I absolutely LOVE Google Calendar and schedule my life on it which even includes my workout time.  Think of your workouts as a hair appointment, a dentist appointment or a lunch date with a friend and you WON’T miss it!  You can also set an alarm on your phone reminding you when it’s that time.

Tip #3:

This is my favorite tip of all because it not only helps you but can also help someone else.  Get a workout buddy.  Not just any workout buddy and I don’t even mean someone to workout with, although that does help.  This workout buddy is going to be your SUCCESS PARTNER!  When you are having a bad day and working out is the last thing you want to do, I want you to call this person.  Tell them you are having a horrible day and don’t feel like working out but you know that you have to.  Commit a workout time to this person and ask them to call you back an hour later to check in.  When they do, be honest and tell them if you worked out.  If you didn’t, then you get off the phone and workout RIGHT THEN!  They are going to call you back in another hour to follow up and you don’t want to disappoint them two times in a row….right?!


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