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A Holistic Approach…

Yesterday I had my first session with a holistic doctor which lasted for two and a half hours. The reason why I decided to see a holistic doctor was because I wanted a review of my ENTIRE body system. Normally when you visit your family doctor, you explain your issues and they treat the symptoms. For me, I wanted to know what was causing the issues that I was having and figure out a plan of action to change habits, if needed, to prevent them from occurring again. I found value in the holistic approach which looks at wellbeing as physical, spiritual and emotional health.

What symptoms was I having? Well, even though I eat healthy and workout daily, my weight and measurements weren’t moving. A normal plateau will occur which allows your body to play ‘catch up’ to all of the changes that are going on. In my instance this plateau lasted for MONTHS! I was also experiencing frequent mood swings for no reason, restless nights of sleep, always feeling tired and brain fog. I will normally experience some of these symptoms due to living with depression however, it never lasts for weeks at a time. Feeling this way was starting to prevent me from doing things that I enjoyed such as spending time with my family, working out or being a productive fitness coach for my clients. I knew that something needed to be done.

I went to my family doctor, explained the symptoms and was recommended to increase my anti-depressants and to do a blood panel. I agreed to the blood test since it could be due to thyroid however increasing my anti-depressant was NOT a solution for me. The blood work came back great…nothing was wrong with my thyroid and glucose levels were on point. So basically there was nothing else to be done…so I was told. Really? This is when I decided to see a holistic doctor to really figure out what was going on with my body’s chemistry.

The first session was a 15 minute consultation which basically was an interview. I explained my struggles and a plan of action was suggested. I decided during this session that I really felt that this doctor understood me, wanted to help me and I could finally find some relief.

Fast forward to the most recent session which was two and a half hours. I went into that session thinking I was going to be told what foods to avoid possibly, what natural ways I could help my body, maybe get some additional test done. OH MY GOSH…it was so much more! As we went over my questionnaire together the doctor asked me questions as to different events in my life. Without even knowing he was doing a mini-therapy session and words just flowed out of my mouth. There were things that I thought I was over, things that I felt were dealt with but apparently I just buried them. It was refreshing to get an outside perspective of things that I previously had to deal with. It was refreshing to know that I could say anything and not be judged by this person in front of me. It was refreshing to hear that this person also had similar events in their own life…I wasn’t alone.

The rest of the session consisted of checking body alignment and releasing tension spots throughout my neck and back which was contributing to my headaches. As I laid there letting him work on these spots, I could literally feel the tension leave my body. I learned that I carry all of the worry, all of my stress in my upper back, shoulders and neck which is extremely unhealthy. If you suffer from this, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So…what did I learn just after this first visit? I learned that instead of dealing with problems I bury them especially with those people who are to love/support me the most. I learned that I let people walk on me because I am a people pleaser and don’t wish to disappoint. I also learned that I’m strong and motivated to break the cycle. I pride myself on telling my story and helping others see that they don’t have to go through difficult times alone. I value the fact that I have a close bond with my children and they know that I love them unconditionally. I learned that my physical wellbeing is fantastic HOWEVER the lack of spiritual and emotional wellbeing is damaging my entire eco-system.

Plan of Action: work on my spiritual and emotional wellbeing and learn to love/accept myself with all of the imperfections that make me unique. Share this side of my journey to help inspire others to look at the BIG picture and not only one component.

Stay tuned for updates on future holistic visits as well as me telling more of my personal life story. I challenge YOU to Be Strong and Be You!



2 thoughts on “A Holistic Approach…”

  1. I see Dr. Dave too and I always feel the world is a little brighter when I leave his office with my remedies in tow. I’ve had similar experiences in that we will be discussing an ailment if mine and before you know it a tear gushes out about my life. Simply put. He rocks and holistic medicine is such a blessing to us all.


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