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RTDESIGNDo you eat before you workout?

I get a TON of questions as to what people should eat BEFORE and AFTER a workout. For me I can’t have anything too heavy in my belly or else I will get sick before I can even finish my workout. However not having anything in your belly isn’t ideal either.

Here’s what I would suggest and again…this is only from my personal experience and research that I have done on this topic.

If you workout in the AM, try to have something very small to jump start your metabolism. This would be a small banana with a tsp of nut butter or a few bites of oatmeal.

For those that workout in the PM hours the same rules apply. You want fuel that will allow you to push your body. Eat 30 minutes before and have an apple with nut butter or a few almonds to hold you over.

For after your workout have something within 30 minutes to prevent your body from burning muscle. You want this source of fuel to be jammed pack with protein so grab a handful of almonds, or whip up a protein shake. I’ll often have my Shakeology because it is the vitamins and nutrients that my body needs along with the protein that will help my muscles to repair.