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Fitness Update…

www.HealthyLifestyleJourney.comI have been through a lot in my life. I have been an emotional eater, so depressed where I either cut myself and even thought about suicide…I was an unhappy person who was embarrassed and ashamed of the person I was. I would look at other people’s lives and wish that I had a piece of what they had.

In 2012 I woke up! I decided to get my life back, be a good role model for my boys, and live each day if it was my last. The person that I man today is far from the person that I was. I am a Depression and Emotional Eater SURVIVOR, I Embrace my Imperfections and I teach people how to turn THEIR Struggles into EMPOWERMENT!

I want to invite you to NOT wait until the New Year, but instead make the decision TODAY to be a healthier you. It’s not about only losing weight…it’s about relieving stress, being happy, loving yourself, living longer and being comfortable in your own skin.

Tomorrow is a HUGE day in the fitness world! Some of the top at home workout programs will be at a MAJOR discount. In honor of this I’m taking applications for my next fitness/health group.

To learn more about this HUGE BLOW OUT click >>HERE<<

To take part in my next Success Group complete application by clicking I’M IN!


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