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Myth Buster

Day 4 BonusA pound of fat and a pound of muscle are the same weight…both a pound. The difference is muscle takes up LESS space. Think of it as fat being marshmallows. A pound of marshmallows is going to take up more room than say a pound of rock. The rock is more dense therefore takes up less space. Many people think muscle weighs more but actually it’s the water weight. When you start a new workout program and become sore, your body is so smart and wants to protect you that it holds onto water to help the muscles heal. This is why I tell my clients DO NOT weigh themselves if they are feeling sore or just changed up their workout routine…chances are if you step on that scale it will be a couple pounds higher. Instead, pay attention to how your clothes are fitting and take progress pictures. This will give you a better vision and understanding how your body is responding to your workouts.

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