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The Dairy Bloat

dairy-freeEver have that bloated feeling followed by a rumbling tummy then gas? OMG, I know…I’m with you, it’s AWFUL and PAINFUL. Take a look at your diet and try to determine if there is a trend. Does this feeling occur after consuming foods with dairy? If so, you may be sensitive and may want to eliminate it.

Being sensitive to dairy is either from the lactose or to the actual milk proteins. Symptoms of being lactose intolerant would include belly aches, bloating, gas or diarrhea shortly after consuming the milk product. If it’s the milk protein causing the symptoms then you would have a milk allergy which is an immune disorder. If a milk allergy is present the symptoms may include belly ache, skin rash, breathing problems and may even be life threatening.

So how do you know which one it is? It is best to schedule an appointment with an allergists what can do blood testing and even a skin test to determine if this is a sensitivity or a true allergy. If a sensitivity is found, it is wise to do an elimination diet. In my personal experience I removed all dairy products for 60 days and then added one item in at a time. What I found what if the item had traces of it I didn’t notice the symptoms as much but on the other hand if I had a piece of cheese or ice cream…WATCH OUT! I would get a belly ache, head ache, gas and these symptoms would usually last until the next day if not longer. For me, it’s easier and healthier just to leave it out.

If you feel that you have several of these symptoms and after keeping a food journal notice a trend then definitely have your doctor test you. That kind of pain doesn’t have to occur, it’s totally preventable 🙂

Please feel free to share your personal experience with me regarding this subject. Until next time,Be Strong. Be Real. Be You.



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