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Getting The Family Involved


Good Morning Healthy Lifestyle Peeps!!

I get asked a lot how I got the entire family on board with eating better and the truth is…it wasn’t easy. I had to first lead by example then when asked if I could buy pop tarts I simply ‘forgot’ to make that purchase. If the boys were with me when they asked this question, I would lead them down a different path…for example, I would offer to make a batch of homemade pancakes or egg sandwiches and freeze them. I would also have yogurt and granola for them ready to go. I knew that they would go for these other options.

When it was time to kick the sugary cereals….that was tough love. I simply told them that part of my job as a parent was to provide them with healthy meals that would help them focus and think better during the day. Did they complain? YES! Here’s the thing…we are PARENTS, not friends. We have a responsibility to our kids. If I was telling them no but sitting there with a huge bowl of sugar cereal then I would be a hypocrite but I wasn’t. I was drinking my shakeology and in fact they started drinking it with their breakfast.

I encourage you to
lead by example and give your kids some credit. Explain to them what food does to their bodies…how it can help us or hurt us. Start that healthy habit NOW to ensure you have healthy adults later!

Have a great day everyone and remember,
Be Strong. Be Real. Be You.

❤ Jennifer


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