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Insanity Max: 30 Week 1 Results!

Radom Pics 017

Good Morning Healthy Lifestyle Journey Gang!! I could not be more thrilled about my results with Insanity Max: 30 with only one week in. I’m down 6 pounds and a total of 6 inches throughout my body!

I wanted to share my results with you because I’m totally loving this program and feel many of you will too! It’s literally for ANYONE. There are two things that I really love about this program. The first being that the modifier is on the screen the entire time! If you have done other Beachbody programs, you know that the camera moves around the entire class to show the energy and moves of different participants…Insanity Max: 30 is totally different. The screen is split in half with the left side showing the more advanced moves and the right side showing only the modifier.  Since I am following the modifier, I don’t have to second guess where I should be at any time. I can focus on my form and get the best possible results 🙂 The second thing that I love is that this program is designed for you to fail…in a GOOD way! Most programs encourage you to make it through the entire workout however Shaun T encourages you to MAX OUT! Maxing Out simply means, you show up, push as hard as you can right from the start and that first moment when you take a break…that is your MaxOut time.

Along with Insanity Max:30, I have also been drinking Shakeology daily as my breakfast. I have been drinking Shakeology for the past 2 years and it has really improved my over health. I went from always being tired, having afternoon cravings and could never go to the bathroom (I know, TMI) to a person that is energized throughout the day, my afternoon cravings are gone and my bathroom issues are bye-bye! During the past week I have also used Beachbody’s portion control containers.

Snapshot 1 (1-15-2015 6-10 AM)

I use to be a calorie counter junkie and I would stress over the dilemma of “am I eating too much” or “am I eating too little” or this one, “what should my macros be”. Now, I don’t have to count calories and I cannot tell you how liberating that is! Each container is a different color which means a different food category and I’m allowed a certain amount of each color each day. Simple! So that you can see how simple it is, below is my week one menu.

week 1

I’m super stoked to move into week 2 and continue this streak.

For those of you wanting to have a little extra accountability, I have an online group starting soon that I would love for you to participate in. Want to join? Click HERE and complete the application.

Just interested in the program? Click HERE and get started!


8 thoughts on “Insanity Max: 30 Week 1 Results!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your meals. I always am looking for quick ideas. I like the containers, I recently got a digital scale and it helps but sometimes I don’t feel like weighing food out. Awesome work! I am starting a round of t25 next week so this was awesome motivation!


    1. Ally definitley get the containers!! I’m one of those people that would measure or weight EVERYTHING and became obsessed. I started to not listen to my body and just pay attention to how many calories, carbs, protein and fat I had left for the day. The portion control containers are great with any program and they allow you to eat the correct macros to help you get closer to your goals. Please keep me updated on how you enjoy T25!! Are you doing it with a challenge group with your Beachbody coach?


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