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Benefits of Alkalinize

Many of us think about fitness and nutrition as a way to become healthy and that is the majority of it.  However there’s another sector that many people don’t think about, which is removing the toxins from our body.  Think about it…the air we breathe, the products that we put onto our skin, the foods that we put into our bodies, the physical/mental/emotional stress that our bodies go through every single day.  Everything we consume or come into contact with has a direct impact of the alkaline balance in our bodies.  Ever wonder why your body ache, you feel groggy after 8 hours of sleep, you have brain fog throughout the day and cannot focus?  It could be because of the amount of toxins that are in your body.

A few months ago I completed the Ultimate Reset which is a 21 day cleanse.  My favorite part of this ‘body reset’ was that it was a no starvation cleanse and it was very gentle on your body.  One of the supplements in the Ultimate Reset is the Alkalanize powder.  Now, I have to be honest…it’s not great!  During the cleanse, the Alkalanize is meant to be taken as a shot.  For me personally, this was the most difficult part of the Ultimate Reset.  To make it easier to ‘toss it back’, I sucked on a lemon wedge afterwards to get that awful taste out of my mouth.

So what is Alkalinize? It’s a blend of powerful superfoods that help neutralize, help with building a strong immune system and also is a natural anti-inflammatory. It’s made from organic wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa grass and kamut grass.  When your body is in an alkalinize state your body is less likely to suffer from illnesses, diseases, and exhaustion.

Even though the taste was awful and not my favorite part of these 21 days, this process did teach me a lot!  I learned that consuming whole foods, meaning coming from the earth and purchasing organic when I can really allowed my body to run in it’s most efficient state.  I also found my hair and nails getting longer much faster, my acne was improving along with the texture and pore size, the smell of my urine was different…smelled cleaner…if that’s possible to imagine 🙂

After the Ultimate Reset I stopped taking the supplements and over time, like anything else you forget your good ways and old habits start to set in.  My skin has been breaking out lately with blisters on my chin area.  At first I thought they were your normal pimples and of course I’m a squeezer (I know, I know).  What I found was that instead of your normal pimple goo, it was actually blister fluid which caused the blisters to spread (as seen in the photo above).  I started incorporating the Alkalanize back into my daily routine, however rather than taking it as a shot, I mix it with my morning dose of Shakeology.

Why do I love it? It helps with tiredness, it’s clearing up my acne, and my allergy symptoms are decreasing! It’s a natural and effective way to help me feel and look better without chemicals or medication. YES please!!

Have questions or want more information?  Please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at



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