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I get asked a lot about what programs I have done, what my nutrition plan looks like so I thought it was time to provide you with an update on my fitness journey.

Before we get to the video, I want you to understand that this fitness journey of mine has developed into so much more! I have spent at least 31 years being a depressed person. A person that had very low self-esteem, a person that would binge eat to cover up whatever emotional feelings I had at that time. A person who was NOT living and NOT being the kind of role model that I had intended to be to my three sons.

Finding Beachbody has not only helped me become thinner, stronger, healthier but it has also provided me with self growth. I have found my purpose in this world (along with being a mother) and that is to use my story to connect with other people that have had these same exact issues. Show them that they can achieve their goals by being consistent and that happiness can occur for everyone.

I hope that my journey inspires you and helps you make the decision that YOU are worth it and that YOU deserve to Be Strong. Be Real. Be YOU.



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