Live Your Life by Design

Stop Dreaming & Start Doing

‘The MEANING of life is to find your gift. The PURPOSE of life is to give it away’ – William Shakespeare
Radom Pics 022
Many of us go through our lives doing the ‘normal’ walks of life. Finishing school, getting that job that we love, settle down, and have some kids. As I sit here setting my mind right for the day, I read the above quote and it hits me.
So many people that I come across are still searching for that ‘spark’ to their lives. Many times I’m told they were destined to do something else, meant for something greater but for whatever reason allowed an event, obstacle or even a fear to allow them to not go for it.
I know exactly what they mean because I was that person. I would allow others to influence what I ‘thought’ I was capable of. I would allow my fears of being different, stepping out of the ‘normal’ stereotype cause me to choke down my dreams.
I always felt that a normal 9-5 wasn’t for me. I was always my happiest when I was a stay at home mom, working on my fitness goals and being surrounded by other people who were also on that same path…becoming a healthier version of themselves. I love sharing my story in hopes that I can help others get closer to their goals…see their potential. I was sharing my journey along with tips that had helped me right here…on Facebook as well as my blog. Then something amazing happened. Beachbody entered my world!
Since becoming a Beachbody Coach I have been given the tools to help even more people start focusing on their HEALTH. I help people get a grasp on their full potential and make their actions correlate to their priorities.
I have found my MEANING and my PURPOSE….my question is have you? If you have, awesome!! If not, why? What’s holding you back from finding your sparkle? Take the UN-NORMAL PATH and jump in with both feet. What do you have to lose?


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