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4th of July Survival Tips

Hey Healthy Lifers!!  With 4th of July being this weekend I wanted to focus on how to stay on point with our health and fitness goals but still have a fun time with family and friends.  Normally the 4th of July means fireworks, picnics and being tempted to eat food that normally wouldn’t be around us. So how do we stay on track?

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GET YOUR WORKOUT IN EARLY! Have you ever noticed when you workout first thing in the morning, you make healthier, wiser choices throughout your day. Why is this? Because you worked up a sweat, your endorphins are in high gear and you don’t want to screw yourself by having something that is going to toss your morning workout out the window. So, get your workout in first thing!

DRINK YOUR SHAKEOLOGY! Normally I tell you to have your Shakeology for breakfast or lunch but if you are going to a picnic I would suggest having your Shakeology on the way TO the picnic. I say this because it will curb your craving for sweets while at the picnic, you will eat less overall and it will change your mindset going into the ‘war zone’.

DRINK WATER! Make sure you are drinking water constantly before it’s time to go to the picnic. Take your water bottle with you so that you won’t be tempted to have soda or other sugar drinks.  Feel free to zest up your water with veggies or fruit slices…my favorite are pineapple slices!!

CHOOSE WISELY! OK, so of course you are going to probably treat yourself to something that you normally wouldn’t have, right? View all of the food first and decide what’s going to be your ONE splurge. For your meal, choose veggies, fruits, salads, and protein that way you won’t feel guilty by having that one not so healthy option.

All of these tips will help you stay on track, prevent a food hungover, and increase your self esteem since you will see that you are not an animal! You are a sexy human being who can make wise choices and still have social time with family and friends 🙂

Be safe!




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