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CIZE IT UP Launch Group

It’s finally here!

The fun way to get your cardio in, CIZE! If you’re someone who enjoys dancing but doesn’t like to do it in public OR love to dance no matter where you are, THIS program is for you! I have tried a few of the work outs already and not only am I sweating throughout it but I’ve got a big smile on my face the whole time because it’s so fun! You really are using every single muscle in your body and you can do it at ANY level of fitness–whether you’re pregnant and wanting to keep things low key, still needing to lose a significant amount of weight or don’t need to lose weight but want to TONE UP…this program will work for you and your goals!

::::: CIZE IS NOW OFFICIALLY READY FOR PURCHASE!! It’s finally here!!! ::::::
I am opening 20 spots in my CIZE IT UP group and you can be one of them!!
Here are the details!!
1. We are going to follow the Cize program every single day and get to dancing!
2. We are going to follow a dialed in meal plan to ensure fat loss and endurance.
3. We are going to replace 1 meal a day with a super dense dose of daily nutrition to help you improve your health!
4. We are going to work within a group of other women on a similar mission! We are going to support, motivate and inspire!
5. There will be weekly prizes along with a larger prize at the end of the 30 day group!

So here is how you join!!! Go to click on ‘SHOP’, ‘CHALLENGE PACKS’ and CIZE and get the CIZE challenge pack that comes with everything you’d need for the group with the fitness & nutrition plans that we start on August 3rd, be able to live stream it 24 hours after you order it AND get a 30 day supply of Shakeology so get the best results you can in 30 days.

Email me at or Facebook Message me with any and all questions you have! Let me know once you place your order so that I can add you to the August 3rd group.

All orders need to be placed prior to 7/22/15 to ensure you have your program in time for the group.

Excited to to be able to help you through this program! I’ll be doing it right along with you starting on August 3rd!



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