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Happy Workout Wednesday Everyone!! I wanted to do something different today and rather than sharing with you a workout video, I thought that I would share with you several of my favorite workout bottoms. I did a LIVE Periscope on this topic today and decided I would also share it with my blog followers 🙂

There are so many different brands of workout clothes out there and it can be frustrating for us curvy girls! I have tried so many that have failed me. They have either constantly fallen down, fit around the waist but baggie in the crotch (yuck), or were heavy and bulky which made my working out NOT fun. These workout pants and shorts I’m about to show you are ones that I wear all of the time.

If you have a favorite brand of workout clothes please share with us by leaving a comment!

View Periscope video by clicking >HERE< and be sure to down loan the Periscope App and follow me at @HealthyJrny

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