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Introducing the Badass Movement

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There’s a reason why I named my team of coaches Team Healthy Lifestyle Journey, because it’s just that….a journey.

>>The picture on the left…I never worked out, I ate out 90% of the time, I always ordered ‘large’ anything, I drank tons of alcohol, my self esteem was in the gutter, I was depressed and just felt like I was going through the motions of daily life. I had no dreams, no drive to really push myself to be better.

>>The picture on the right…this is me NOW in my comfort zone!! I no longer diet, I no longer have a weight goal and I feel AWESOME! Sure I still have weightloss goals but rather than obsess about the scale I focus on how my clothes are feeling, how I feel when I look in the mirror, how much more activity I can do today compared to yesterday. I make smart eating choices daily and yes there are times that I induldge…nobody is perfect but I do it in moderation. I don’t let one meal ruin my entire day because I do have goals and I am going to achieve them! I’m confident, I know that I’m worth being on this planet, and I now know that I’m living with PURPOSE!!

Some may have seen the girl on the left like I saw myself originally but looking back…I know that I went through the things that I did for a reason. It was a learning opportunity for me to find a way to live with depression, overcome emotional eating and self-esteem issues so that I could pay it forward and help YOU!

My point? I could have given up in 2013. I could have settled for the life that I was living. I could have kept going through the motions and of just ‘getting by’. However…I made a CHOICE….I decided to start living my life by MY DESIGN. I decided to let my inner Rocker Chic come out and be a total badass.

What decision are you going to make? Just ‘get by’ or join the #BadassMovement ?

If you want to join the Badass Movement then email me at Jennifer.S.Hepka@gmail.com and let’s get you going 🙂




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