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Mexican Omelet for Breakfast Lunch or Dinner

Mexican omelet this morning….DELISH!! Jammed pack with protein and healthy fat that will sure help you get focused, stay full and not hurt your waistline. Be sure to let me know how you liked it ☺️

What you’ll need:

3 large eggs, scrambled

1/2 cup lean ground turkey with taco seasoning

5 slices jalapeño 

2 tablespoon medium salsa

1/2 slices avocado

1 tsp coconut oil


Melt coconut oil in medium pan over medium heat. Once melted add ground turkey crumbles. (Mine were leftover from taco night so I was just heating up) Add Scrambled egg and cook until settled then flip and cook other side. Plate scrambled egg with turkey crumbles and top with jalapeño slices, salsa and avocado.





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