Your Willpower Muscle

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.19.24 AM

Guess what?! Beachbody Coaches have trouble working out too 😯

I sat on the couch this morning drinking my pre-workout and the entire time was dreading my workout. I was tired, sore and just wasn’t feeling it. I thought…’I can do this later’ and ‘no one will know if I don’t do this’. BUT let’s face it….later would have come and I would have made another excuse (the second excuse is easier than the first). Someone would know if I didn’t workout….ME!

I have goals to reach. I have people depending on me (my team and clients). I downed the last of my pre-workout, got up, sucked it up and pushed play! 30 minutes later I’m DONE!

Now….it’s your turn! Get up, suck it up and push play 💜 When you are done tell me what workout you did for accountability! Got it?



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