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Giving it to the Universe


The last three days have been a complete 180 from where I was previously. The past 3 mornings I have made a commitment to practice yoga, meditate and talk to the Universe. I don’t set a timer. I don’t answer the phone. I just become one with my yoga mat, yoga music and my breath. I allow myself to get consumed with whatever I’m feeling at that moment. I give myself permission to FEEL and then ask the Universe to help me UNDERSTAND.

Today…day 3…is the first day since my withdrawal that I felt Her wrap comfort over me as if it was a blanket. Helping me understand that there are people who need help from me. There are people that are ready to make a change just like me. There are people who are ready to face their fears, their self doubt…to discover THEIR purpose!

So..I’m going to listen. As I sit here having lunch…I’m going to allow Her to guide me. I’m going to allow her to guide my fingers in forming this post, help me find those people that are ready to be happy…to be healthier…to be clear minded.

Will She guide me to you? Maybe….or maybe She has guided you to me?

Either message me or email me at
Subject: Universe

A community that is dedicated for the depressed because YOU, my friend…are worth fighting for.


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