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Holiday Possible


It’s the holiday season and I know that this time of year can be super difficult with staying on track with our health and fitness goals. So I want to HELP!

Join me in a 3-Part Series where we will end 2016 with a BANG and start 2017 running!

We will kick off with Series 1 on December 5th by building a solid foundation of meal planning and clean eating. We will be discussing things like:
* What foods should we be eating
* How much of those foods should we be eating
* When should we be eating
* What foods fuel us and help with energy and weight loss

Series 2 will be from December 19th through December 31st focusing on:
* Holiday swaps
* Traveling tips
* How to survive Holiday parties
* How to reduce stress
* How to fit in short workouts

We will finish with Series 3 from January 2nd through January 31st by adding in fitness! You will get:
* At home fitness program
* Workout schedule
* An even more dialed in nutrition plan to keep your results coming

My goal is to help you get started NOW so that you can stay on track the week of Christmas and well into the New Year. You will also be receiving my very first e-book that has a weeks worth of crockpot meals that are perfect for this time of year!

Just shoot me a quick email at with Subject: Holiday Possible
with your health/fitness goals and what excites you about this series. That’s it!

Let’s survive the holidays together without losing focus of our long term health and fitness goals 🙂

Much Love,



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