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Top Tips to Save Money While Grocery Shopping

It’s meal planning day in the Hepka Household which means hitting the grocery store tomorrow! Often times when I’m talking with clients the subject of how to save money and still eat healthy arises…so I thought that I would share with you my TOP TIPS to save money while grocery shopping! You ready?!

1 – Try a discount store like Aldi’s or hit the farmer’s market. Prices will be cheaper especially on produce which means you can splurge on healthy cuts of protein OR use the money you saved from your grocery bill and apply it to a fun family activity this weekend.

2 – Be flexible. Yes, meal planning is a MUST however if you get to the store and the price of turkey filets are too much but the price for chicken is spot on…then make the substitute. If the price of fresh parsley is out of your budget then go with dry. If the strawberries don’t look good that day change it up and try a different one! You are heading to the store with a PLAN however it’s not set in stone. Be creative and swap protein for another protein or a fruit for a different fruit.

3 – Join a Bulk store. We have Sam’s Club and Costco here in NC. Are you able to get a family member on board and split the membership fee? Y’all can make meal planning and shopping a team event. Hit the store together, make healthy choices together, save money together.

4 – Buy only what’s on your list! I get it, it’s difficult grocery shopping especially when you take the kids. Even mine who are older constantly ask if they can get this or that. So what helps our household is getting their opinion BEFORE going to the store. Ask them what they would like for breakfast, for lunch and snacks. If you have multiple children have them agree on 1-2 snacks. I give my 3 boys a choice between two chips that they all like but I do not like so that they can have chips in their lunch. It not only save me money with buying one bag but by giving an option that I don’t care for keeps my paws out of the bag 😉

Do you have a tip that is not mentioned here? Share it with us below! Did you find this helpful? Please feel free to share it!

Have a great Saturday


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