Total Body Circuit 2

Good Morning! It’s time for day 2 of our Total Body Circuit Challenge but first I would love to hear how day 1 went! How many rounds were you able to get in. Were you able to get all of the reps in? Did you do more reps? How did you feel afterwards? What I love about these workouts is that you can totally tailor it to fit YOUR fitness level and then CRUSH IT!

For today we are targeting different muscle groups. In Total Body Circuit 2 you will be doing…
…20 High Knees
…12 Star Crunches
…20 High Knees
…12 Front Lunges
…20 High Knees
…12 Tricep Dips

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 3 Circuit and if you found this helpful I would really appreciate your feedback! This will let me know to do this again in the future or not so please like, leave a comment and even share with a friend that you think would benefit! Have an awesome day today and don’t forget to make things happen!



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