8 Hour Eating Slim Down

Beginning any fitness program can be intimidating especially if you are just getting started. Let me know if this sounds about right?

  • You feel that you have to follow the workout and eating schedule to a ‘T’ otherwise you won’t see results.
  • When you miss a day of working out or sway away from the eating plan for a meal or even a day you are ready to toss in the towel.
  • You feel like a failure on day one because the exercises in the first workout are just way too difficult for you even following a modifier (if there is one).

I get it..really I do because that’s how I felt at the beginning of my journey 3+ years ago. And to be honest, there have been times since then when I have started a new program and think to myself ‘what did I get myself into’. I do think it’s important to be challenged because that’s how changes occur HOWEVER I don’t want you to set yourself up for failure before you even begin. This is why I have created my 8 Hour Eating Slim Down Plan.


A 4 week system that I have created for those that get overwhelmed by complicated health and fitness programs and feel that in order to see results it has to be all or nothing. The 8 Hour Eating Slim Down will allow you to gradually make positive changes in your nutrition and workouts which will leave you with not only results but also feeling empowered and IN CONTROL of your goals!


I started my journey at 258 pounds, wearing a size 24 and was depressed, had no energy and knew that I needed to make a change. Over the course of the past 3.5 years I have had highs and lows. There have been times when I’m crushing my health and fitness goals because I’m being super consistent with my eating and my workouts however there have also been times when I have been consistent with my workouts but my nutrition…not so much. Using food as a way to cope, celebrate or lean on was the norm for me. Having emotional connections to food and binging several times of the day was ‘normal’ for me. It wasn’t until I learned about intermittent fasting that things started to change. Intermittent fasting does NOT focus on what you eat…just WHEN you eat. I personally follow the 16:8 method, meaning for 16 hours I fast while during the 8 hours I will consume my meals. What has this helped me do? Well for starters it has helped me stay away from highly processed foods. It was as if a switch went on within my brain telling me ‘If you are going to fast for 16 hours then you need to make sure it’s whole foods!’…so that’s what I did. At the same time I felt freed from watching the clock. So many of us are told that in order to see results we need to eat every 2-3 hours but for me, that just provided additional times I could binge. By only eating meals during an 8 hour window, it allows me to have tons of VOLUME at each meal while still staying within my calorie budget in order to lose weight. Lastly, I have been able to go from the obese category for body fat percentage to average body fat percentage category! That’s huge! I’m adding serious years back onto my life. How? Because intermittent fasting targets stored fat and forces our body to convert it to energy!

I want that for YOU! I want you to learn how to have control over your food while not feeling deprived and start focusing on reducing body fat rather than the number on the scale! Reducing our body fat percentage means we are increasing our life span so that we can do more, enjoy more with those we love!


Week 1: We’ll be swapping a meal or snack for the convenience of a nutrient dense shake that has a balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein that will provide you with energy and guarantee you have at least one healthy meal a day.
Week 2: We’ll be having our shake for a meal or snack plus adding in 3 days (at a minimum but if you would like to do more then go for it!) of workouts that you can do at home, anytime to fit YOUR schedule.  We will also implement a 10 hour eating window to prevent us from grazing all day.
Week 3: We’ll be having our shake for a meal or snack, working out 3 times a week (again minimum) plus choosing another meal from your day to ‘clean’ up…nothing fancy…think veggies, fruits, lean protein and going from a 10 hour eating window to a 9 hour eating window.
Week 4: We’ll be doing everything from week 3 with the exception of eating in an 8 hour window


Choosing 3 workouts throughout these four weeks will be super easy because you will have unlimited access for an ENTIRE YEAR to over 600 different workouts! You will find a variety of workouts to choose from no matter what your fitness level and it’s a great way to stay challenged, prevent plateaus and keep you from becoming bored with the same old exercises. All workouts can be streamed over your phone, tablet, computer and smart tv anytime of the day or night to suit YOUR schedule!

The key component regarding your nutrition during these 4 weeks and beyond! You will receive a month’s worth of this superfood shake that is JAMMED PACKED with nutrients that allow you to feel energized and nourished that seriously tastes AMAZING, I promise!

I believe hands down that drinking Shakeology daily for the past 3+ years has helped me remove processed foods from my diet, helped me stop craving sugar, desserts and fast food AND has been a go to on those busy days when I’m trying to get the boys off to baseball.

Accountability and support, especially for those tough days, are CRUCIAL for helping you STICK to your goals. This community is a safe place for you to share the good, the bad and the ugly! This is also where you will be checking in with me daily and tracking your workouts, Shakeology and progress.


You and I will have a 20 minute jumpstart session where I’ll help you decide on a workout that is specific to YOU and your GOALS! I will walk you through how to get started the right way that will lead to RESULTS!

A plan that targets fat loss while still allowing you to have larger volume of food at your meals within an 8 hour eating window. Each meal is created using carbohydrates that will provide you with energy while keeping you full, healthy fat which will promote brain focus and satisfy taste buds and protein to help repair and build muscle from your workouts.

This portion control focused nutrition system will help you learn EXACTLY which foods are best to eat, how much you should be eating according to your SPECIFIC goals and changing how you view food. You will also have access to meal planning tips and 80+ great recipes that will remove the guess work.

Ready? Let’s Do This!

Questions? Not sure if this is for you?

Simply Email JenniferHepkaFitness@gmail.com – and I’ll get back to you right away!