Reclaim Your Healthy Life!!

I have been where you are, and trust me when I say I KNOW how you feel…

  • After a few months (or years!) of putting everyone else’s needs above your own you have found that you have lost yourself and unfortunately your current body and mindset reflects that.
  • You are ready to feel like you again which includes being happy and having energy – FAST!
  • You miss the confidence in yourself that you once had.
  • You’re done with eating things that make you feel like crap or putting off exercise – You’re ready for a complete transformation and making YOURSELF a PRIORITY!
  • You’re sick and tired of this yo-yo diet lifestyle and ready for this to become a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!


Introducing 30 Days to Reclaiming Your Healthy Life!

A 30 day nutrition, fitness and mindset OVERHAUL that I have created to help women like YOU get focused, disciplined and totally transform your body, your outlook and how you talk to yourself.

Why Me?

I use to be that Mom that was constantly exhausted from always doing from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. A typical day was getting the boys off to daycare then heading to work an 8+ hour shift followed by picking the boys up from daycare then making dinner, giving baths, having reading time then tucking them in for the night. Don’t get me wrong I LOVED it but I didn’t love how tired I was ALL THE TIME. How unfulfilled and empty I felt at the end of the day. Why? Because I didn’t have the alone time that was just for me. I lost touch of who I was, what I cared about and it’s no reason why I ballooned up to 258 pounds. I found myself in this state of depression, binge eating and just going through the actions of life rather than actually LIVING! It wasn’t until I decided that this couldn’t continue…that something needed to change…that I needed to change. So, I began changing what I was eating, I started taking different routes to and from work so that I wouldn’t be tempted to stop at my favorite fast food joints, I started waking up thirty minutes earlier to get a workout done in my living room. I DECIDED to MAKE TIME for myself and what I noticed is by doing this daily – yes even on weekends – not only did I start to have more energy and feel amazing but my relationship with my boys got better! I was more present during play time and in our conversations. I was more eager to get them outside since I wasn’t exhausted. My mood was better at work and my relationship with my co-workers started to become more positive. How I felt about myself and talked to myself changed. FINALLY I felt like I was in CONTROL over my life rather than being reactive and living like a zombie.

I want that for YOU! I want you to have that power within yourself and at the end of the day feel accomplished, productive and PROUD of the life you are leading.

Flash Forward to 30 Days From Now

  • You will be rocking those shorts, tanks and bathing suit that currently have you loathing summer.
  • You have a new sense of pride and empowerment not just because of how you look but also because of how good you feel which hasn’t been the case in a very long time.
  • People are asking what the hell you are doing because you are giving off a different aurora. The foods that you are eating and the workouts you are doing are not only changing your body on the outside but are transforming your body on the inside which is giving you a glow that others are noticing.
  • You have learned to appreciate fitness and look forward to your daily sweat session because it’s therapy.
  • You are the most content you have been in years simply for DECIDING to make yourself a priority.

How This Will Work

This program is about getting RESULTS! In our time together, we’re going to focus on four main components:

  1. Seriously cleaning up our nutrition. This means removing anything processed for the 30 days that we are together. Think tons of veggies, healthy fats, protein, fruits and complex carbs. And no, this isn’t 30 days of only salads 😉
  2. 30 minute workouts daily. Again, this is about results and these 30 minutes will help you get ’em. We’ll be focusing on cardio to shed fat, strength training to build sleek, toned muscles and flexibility that will allow you to be active while your muscles repair and rebuild.
  3. Daily Mindset Focus. Your results are not strictly from what you eat and what you do. Our minds and what we tell ourselves can increase these results or derail them. Therefore, each day, we’ll spend some time working through our thoughts, talking nicely to ourselves and picturing what our healthy life looks like.
  4. Accountability and Support. You don’t have to do this alone – and honestly you shouldn’t be. A HUGE reason you will see results in 30 days is because you will have accountability to KEEP GOING from myself and the others that are after the same thing you are.

I can’t guarantee that it will be easy. But what I can PROMISE is to be there every step of the way and that these thirty days will be worth it!

What’s Included

What’s better than having one workout? What about having 600+ workouts that you can stream unlimited over your phone, tablet, computer and smart tv anytime of the day or night to suit YOUR schedule! A great way to stay challenged at any fitness level, prevent plateaus and keep you from becoming bored with the same old exercises.

A month’s worth of a superfood shake that is JAMMED PACKED with nutrients that allow you to feel energized and nourished AND it seriously tastes AMAZING, I promise!

I believe hands down that drinking Shakeology daily for the past 4 years has helped me remove processed foods from my diet, helped me stop craving sugar, desserts and fast food AND has been a go to on those busy days when I’m trying to get the boys off to baseball.

This portion control focused nutrition plan will help you learn EXACTLY which foods are best to eat, how much you should be eating according to your SPECIFIC goals and changing how you view food. You will also have access to meal planning tips and 80+ great recipes that will remove the guess work.

Accountability and support, especially for those tough days, are CRUCIAL for helping you STICK to your goals. This community is ONLY available to those that are members of the Reclaiming Your Healthy Life program, so it’s a safe place for you to share the good, the bad and the ugly! This is also where you will be checking in with me daily and tracking your workouts, Shakeology and progress.


You and I will have a 20 minute jumpstart session where we will create a plan that is specific to YOU and your GOALS! I will walk you through how to get started the right way that will lead to RESULTS!

A plan that targets fat loss while still allowing you to have larger volume of food at your meals within an 8 hour eating window. Each meal is created using carbohydrates that will provide you with energy while keeping you full, healthy fat which will promote brain focus and satisfy taste buds and protein to help repair and build muscle from your workouts.

Ready? Let’s Do This!

Questions? Not sure if this is right for you?

Simply email me – – and I’ll get back to you right away!