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Summer Slim Down Project

My 8 Hour Eating Blueprint is now available!  You and I will be making small, positive, healthy changes each week that won’t be overwhelming or feeling like you have failed yet again. Here’s the breakdown.


Week 1: We’ll be swapping a meal or snack for the connivence of a nutrient dense shake that has a balance of carbohydrates, fats and protein.
Week 2: We’ll be having our shake for a meal or snack and adding in 3 days or workouts that you can do at home, anytime to fit YOUR schedule along with eating our meals in a 10 hour window
Week 3: We’ll be having our shake for a meal or snack, working out 3 times this week, choosing another meal from your day to ‘clean’ up…nothing fancy, think veggies, fruits, lean protein along with eating our meals in a 9 hour window
Week 4: We’ll be doing everything from week 4 with the exception we will be eating in an 8 hour window

Every women who joins me starting on June 5th will receive my 8 Hour Eating Slim Down Meal Plan, have weekly 1:1 check-in’s with me to ensure you are seeing progress and also have access to my VIP Community where you will be inspired and held accountable 🙂 Lastly, as my thank you for joining me, every gorgeous gal that completes the program will be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card because let’s face it, who doesn’t like Amazon?

Ready? Let’s Do This!

Questions? Not sure if this is for you?
Simply Email – and I’ll get back to you right away!

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Building a Solid Foundation in Your Weight Loss Journey

Happy Monday! I wanted to discuss a topic that constantly comes up when I am talking to people about their personal struggles when it comes to working out and eating healthy. Often times what I find is that people DO want to make a change, they want to start incorporating a daily workout plan and do want to fuel their body right but they have no idea where to start. Which workouts to do? How much to eat? When to eat? What to eat? There is so much information out there and fads that people hop on the newest trend thinking that this is going to be their saving grace. Most often times, it’s not. Why? Because they have not built that solid foundation and knowledge that it takes to understand what your body needs. There’s no guidance even when you have a personal trainer, most of them do not touch on the topic of food. You go to a gym, pay tons of money to become a member, even pay extra for a personal trainer and you only touch on fitness. What most people don’t realize is that working out only produces about twenty percent of your results. The other eighty comes from your nutrition. So how do we fix this?

So how do you build that foundation and knowledge that leads to success? By being plugged into a community where you incorporate working out, where you are TAUGHT how much to eat, what to eat and the magical question…WHY you eat this way. But the one thing that is CRUCIAL to this foundation stage is support! Ever realize how on January first the gyms will be packed, you may be driving around and see people outside running or walking and then as the month continues you see less and less of this. These people are not held accountable for showing up so it’s super easy to call it quits! By having a community where you not only learn about how to change your lifestyle but also be held accountable increases your chances of reaching your overall health and fitness goals by a substantial margin. I know because this is how I was. I have done every ‘diet’ known to man, every workout DVD but I always fell off the wagon. No one knew if I didn’t press play that day. No one knew if I had that cheeseburger from my favorite fast food joint. No one knew therefore I could be easy on myself and justify that somehow I deserved a ‘break’. Maybe you can relate?

Let me ask you….if you had access to countless of workouts (over 600 to be exact), a workout calendar so that you knew which workout to do on which day, a meal guide that told you exactly how much to eat and what to eat, plus a community that you could plug into for healthy lifestyle tips along with fitness and nutrition tips AND this community would be the KEY to YOUR success would you become a member? A community that would notice if you didn’t show up. A community where people ARE there for you when you were having an awful day and wanted to stress eat. If you are interested in joining this kind of community or maybe just need a little more information then shoot me an email at We can go over your struggles, your goals and we can create a plan together that will bridge the gap. You don’t have to be alone throughout this journey.


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Core De Force Launch Party

The holiday season is stressful, filled with family/friend gatherings and a jam packed to do list. Then January 1st rolls around and we wonder how we packed on those 5-10 (or more) extra pounds….am I right?! I know I’m not alone!

To help myself and YOU stay on track this holiday season with our health and fitness goals I am inviting you to the launch of Core De Force.

Here’s what you need to know about Core De Force…


CORE DE FORCE is your 30-day countdown to a knockout body. Created by Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews, it’s the ultimate mixed martial arts-inspired workout that will knock out the belly fat, help slash inches off your waist, and carve total-body definition—no equipment required.

How It Works
The workouts in Core De Force are broken into 3-minute ’rounds’ just like an actual match. Each round will combine moves from boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai with bodyweight training and cardio conditioning, which gives you the most effective MMA-inspired workouts to help you shred belly fat and transform your body in only 30 days! Each move, whether it’s a jab, a kick or an uppercut…works your core from every angle which is known as the 360-Degree Core Training. Plus the CORE DE FORCE Eating Plan shows you how to eat to maximize your results with a complete grocery list and sample menus.


Who Is Core De Force For?
Core De Force is for EVERYONE. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level in your fitness you can do this workout. Those with a base level of fitness will enjoy the challenge while blasting away the fat and improving your overall cardiovascular endurance, speed and strength. Each MMA-inspired workout includes an optional move-by-move breakdown to help you get familiar with the punches, kicks, and combinations. Also, every workout includes a modifier who demonstrates the moves at a lower intensity.


So what’s included:

The workouts are 30-45 minutes in length and you workout 6 days a week with a stretch on the 7th. The workout program is 30 days in length.

There are 8 workouts in the program

MMA Speed- Upper body and core focused boxing influenced workout. (27 minutes)

MMA Shred- Muay Thai inspired elbow and kicks for total body shred. (37 minutes)

MMA Power- Uses explosive and defensive style movements in this fast paced cardio conditioning workout (47 minutes)

MMA Plyo- Core De Force is an MMA style home fitness program that will transform your entire body in 30 days. When you combine boxing, Muay Thai and plyometrics in one workout you get a huge calorie burn and RESULTS. (47 minutes)

Power Sculpt- Total body burner that uses explosive power and interval training to lean and sculpt. (37 minutes)

Dynamic Strength- Low on impact but high on intensity. (47 minutes)

Active Recovery- Recharge for the week ahead with this rest day that focuses on form and technique to help fight fatigue and sore muscles. (21 minutes)

Core De Force Relief- A quick 5 minutes stretch before bed session. (5 minutes)

Team Beachbody Exclusive MMA Mashup– All the best Core De Force moves in one workout. (26 minutes)

Core Kinetics- A unique core workout inspired by Mixed Martial Arts movements.

5 minute Core on the Floor- the ultimate core finisher- 5 minute challenging plank movements that gets your abs on fire.

If you want to take your fitness to the next level after your 3o days you can get these 3 additional advanced workouts too:

Agility Strength- combines fast footwork drills with body weight resistance to help improve coordination and blast major calories. (9 rounds- 37 minutes).

Agility Power- Grab your agility ladder and rip through multifunctional training that ignites every muscle and helps shred fat for serious definition (6 rounds-27 minutes).

MMA Kick Butt- This workout is meant to target your legs and butt with nonstop mix of powerful kicks and calorie burning conditioning spikes (9 rounds- 37 minutes).

Who should buy Core De Force?
Anyone who wants to lose belly fat, tighten up their midsections, and carve total-body
definition. Core De Force is great for those intermediate and advanced exercises or graduates of challenging cardio and strength-training workouts like INSANITY MAX:30,TurboFire, and P90X. It’s also great for those wanting a more mixed martial arts style of training who want to see results FAST.

The Eating Plan
The Portion Control Eating Plan is not a recipe-based plan like other Beachbody nutrition plans. Here’s how it works: Start by calculating a calorie level based on starting weight. Next, find the calorie chart that corresponds with the calorie level. This will indicate the daily allotment of color-coded containers. From there, the Eating Plan shows a list of foods that can be eaten with each color-coded container. Then, just fill the containers with the foods from the list, up to the daily allotment of the containers. No required recipes. No required number of meals. No required foods or ingredients. If it fits in the container, it can be eaten!

How Much Will Core De Force Cost?
The price of the program will vary due to different options. What I always suggest is purchasing the Challenge Pack which comes with all 8 workouts, workout calendar, portion control system, meal guide, 30 day trial of over hundreds of other workouts plus a cooking show along with a 30 day supply of Shakeology which will enhance your overall results during your 30 days.

To learn more about this program and see if it’s a good fit for your health and fitness goals, complete the form by clicking HERE and I’ll be in touch!

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Positive People Wanted


If you have ever wondered what the heck Beachbody Coaches do, I would like to invite you to a ‘What is Coaching’ call with these two amazing ladies! Meg Wiczynski and Brandi Botts. You will be able to hear their stories along with how they were able to quit their Corporate America jobs and do Beachbody 100% of the time!! Pretty cool right?!

So if you enjoy fitness, want to be held more accountable, want to motivate and inspire others or get the top at home fitness programs and products at a STEAL then call in!

Team Healthy Journey has 10 spots open and I want YOU on my team 🙂

Questions? Email me at

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Untitled design (4)I seriously cannot believe that 2014 is over. I mean, in a blink of an eye it was over! Not sure if that’s due to having three active kids or the fact that I’m getting older but whatever it is, 2015 is here and it’s time to get re-focused.

With it being a new month and new year, I felt it was appropriate to start new goals and I’m making them BIG! I decided to go hard on my fitness goals this year and really listen to my body. I have started Insanity Max: 30 along with entering into the Run The Edge Challenge where I will be running 2,015 miles in 2015…CRAZY!! I have also been brainstorming on how to help the existing and new clients of mine as well as on my team. I’m really excited because I will be launching a NEW, FRESH online accountability group where I will be posting new Mindset tips, Fitness tips, Nutrition tips, Recipes and so much more!!

The new group officially starts Monday, January 19th and I’m inviting YOU to be part of it!!

I have to be honest, I’m overwhelmed with the amount of interest in this group that I have received on Facebook already. Having said that, I also know that as the month goes on and February is upon us, these same people ‘may’ lose focus and the site of their goals. I get it because it has happened to me so many times! Year after year, I make ‘resolutions’ and then I lose focus, become too busy, too tired, too consumed with taking care of others that I let my goals go by the waste side. Many of us are chronic dieters, meaning we go on and come off of them before they can even start. We also don’t know where to start. There are so many options! Should you join a gym and then try to figure out which machines to workout on but lets face it…first you have to know how these machines work. Should you do an at home fitness program and if so, which one? Here’s the thing…we are BUSY! Our time is precious and so is our money so here’s my goal. My goal is to help myself as well as you to STAY FOCUSED, STAY COMMITTED, and STAY ENGAGED with these goals that we have set.

How do we do this?? First by talking through what your exact goals are. Why are you looking to lose weight, gain muscle, become healthier? Once we know your goals we can then look at your schedule. What does a typical day look like for you? What does your current nutrition plan look like? This helps us know for sure how much time you have to set aside for working out and if you are struggling more in a particular area such as fitness alone, nutrition alone, both or even time management. Last, we decide on a program that suits YOU…no one else. These are your goals, your passion and you need to do the program that will give you the results you are looking for. With the proper workout program, nutrition plan, support/accountability and motivation I guarantee you will reach those goals you have! There is no doubt in my mind that with this formula you and I will make 2015 the best year ever.

So here’s the deal! I’m starting a 60 day fitness support and accountability group online through a Facebook PRIVATE group.

The requirements are:

Make me your coach by going to my site and completeing the free profile which makes me your COACH!

Contact me by completing the application so that I know you are interested in joining this group

Together, we will decide what fitness program will meet your needs. You are required to do a Beachbody Fitness Program (I will help you choose the correct one)

Replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the very best of results. My goal is to teach you how to prepare your other meals so that you can achieve the results you are looking for. At the end of the 60 days you can decide if you want to stay on Shakeology or not!

Check in daily in our PRIVATE Facebook group to join in the discussions and be accountable

That’s it!! You get to workout in the comfort of your own home, in the amount of time you alloted, with a program that you decided on combined with a proven nutrition plan and not to mention the accountability and support from others. Plus you get LIFETIME Coaching from me and LIFETIME access to all future groups…pretty cool right?!

So….I’m hitting 2015 hard and making sure that I reach my goals I have set for myself. Will you?



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Crock-Pot Recipe: Chicken Soup!


This time of year I always love to bring out the crock-pot and make delicious meals that are healthy yet filling. The best thing when using a crock-pot is that it frees up your time and you can spend more time with the family, read more, workout more….ANYTHING! This is family approved and my kids especially love it…Hope you enjoy!

What you will need:

3 cups celery, chopped
3 cups carrots, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
8 cups of low sodium chicken broth
2 pound of chicken breast (should be about 4 breasts)
3 bay leaves
2 palms full of dried parsley (about 2 tbsp.)
1 bag of noodles
Salt/Pepper to taste


Put everything in crock pot and let cook for 8 hours. Will be done in 6 hours but 8 hours will allow chicken to be more tender. Thirty minutes prior to serving remove all chicken breast, shred with 2 forks then place back into crock-pot.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil over high heat. Add pinch of salt to boiling water, pour in noodles and cook for about 7-8 minutes. Drain noodles and set aside.

To serve: Put chicken mixture in bowl FIRST then add noodles…if you do it the other way around the noodles will soak up too much of the liquid and you will run out!

When storing DO NOT combine noodles and broth, you will end up with no broth.

I would love to hear how this turned out for you and if your family was pleased. Please leave me a comment and share your experience.

Stay Warm!

Nutrition Info for soup only: (use nutrition info for noodles on package)
Serves 6
Calories: 167
Fat: 1
Carbs: 17
Protein: 22
Fiber: 4