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Not at goal weight? Not a problem.
Not a fitness expert? Not a problem.
Tend to be shy and reserved? Not a problem.

Into helping others? Awesome!
Want to have a Career Plan B? Awesome!
Want to pay of debt? Awesome!
Want to vacation more? Awesome!

Message me or comment below to learn how just by being a Beachbody Coach, sharing what works for you with others and treating this like a million dollar business….can help you to financial freedom, retire from Corporate America and get YOUR ZEST back for life!


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Fitness Update…

www.HealthyLifestyleJourney.comI have been through a lot in my life. I have been an emotional eater, so depressed where I either cut myself and even thought about suicide…I was an unhappy person who was embarrassed and ashamed of the person I was. I would look at other people’s lives and wish that I had a piece of what they had.

In 2012 I woke up! I decided to get my life back, be a good role model for my boys, and live each day if it was my last. The person that I man today is far from the person that I was. I am a Depression and Emotional Eater SURVIVOR, I Embrace my Imperfections and I teach people how to turn THEIR Struggles into EMPOWERMENT!

I want to invite you to NOT wait until the New Year, but instead make the decision TODAY to be a healthier you. It’s not about only losing weight…it’s about relieving stress, being happy, loving yourself, living longer and being comfortable in your own skin.

Tomorrow is a HUGE day in the fitness world! Some of the top at home workout programs will be at a MAJOR discount. In honor of this I’m taking applications for my next fitness/health group.

To learn more about this HUGE BLOW OUT click >>HERE<<

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Beginner Fitness Tips…


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Top Tips for Meal Prepping…

Here’s my thoughts on meal prepping….it’s a MUST you guys! If you want to succeed at all times with putting the proper nutrition into your body then this is the first step! Here is EXACTLY what I do each week.  

1) Clean out your fridge! There is nothing worse than opening your fridge and having a mixture of old and new foods…so get rid of the old. Make sure you wipe the shelves clean with a damp cloth as well. This will make your fridge look so much more inviting when you open it.

2) Make a list. Make a plan as to what you are going to be making for the next 4-5 days. Choose 1-3 meals for breakfast, snack ideas and 2-4 ideas for lunch and dinner. By coming up with this many food choices you can only purchase what you will need and on day 6 & 7 you can use up whatever leftovers you have. Not only will this save you time cooking but it will also SAVE YOU MONEY!

3) Get shopping. Take your list to the store and STICK TO IT! Don’t purchase things that are not on your list. When shopping, make sure you stick to the parameter of the store to guarantee you are getting whole foods filled with nutrients and vitamins.

4) Wash. When you come home, wash, cut and store your clean veggies and fruit in proper serving baggies. This will help for those times when you are packing snacks/meals or in a hurry. You can grab and go in a flash. You can also do this for pantry items. If you buy a bag of pretzels or some other snacks then portion them out. You can purchase a nice looking bin at Wal-Mart or Target and use it for all snacks. Portion out the snacks into snack bags, toss in the snack box and when you are packing, it’s already done! This will also help the kiddos learn portion control 🙂

5) Cook ahead. Look at your menu for the week and see what you can make ahead….especially for breakfast and lunches. I normally make 3-4 chicken breast every Sunday and use throughout the week for salads, wraps or as the main dish. I also find having a bowl of hard boil eggs in the fridge is helpful. Again, every Sunday I make a dozen of hard boil eggs and normally have one along with turkey crumbles (also made ahead of time) for my mid morning snack.

6) Plate it up. Line your countertops with containers and make your meals for the week. When you are packing lunches or it’s time for dinner, this will save so much time!

7) Organize your fridge. Place all veggies, fruits and protein at eye level. DO NOT put your veggies and fruits in the crisper! Instead if you have unhealthy options such as pudding snacks, beer, soda etc put these items in the crisper. Out of sight, out of mind….right?! 

Follow these tips and I promise, you won’t have to dine out, won’t have to stop at a vending machine because you will always be prepared!! You will achieve your goals with planning and prepping…I promise!

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I get that I can only provide people with possible solutions to better their health and to be there for when THEY are ready to commit. I can’t do the work for them, only they know if now is the RIGHT time.

For those of you who are ready, and I mean SERIOUSLY ready to make 2014 your BEST year, keep reading.

I have made the CHOICE to set high goals this next year. I have big dreams and honestly, I’m tired of them being dreams. I’m going to turn them into MY reality. Here are a couple of my goals:

1) Marry my love in June 2014
2) Lose 50 pounds in 2014…Like I said I have BIG goals.
3) Have my personal training certification completed by the end of April 2014
4) Be a Turbo Kick instructor by the end of January 2014
5) Become a Diamond coach in my fitness business in 2014

and last but not least…..Make myself available to others daily, even more so than in the past to help THEM achieve their goals!

WHY? Because I know that it can be done! If you are determined, dedicated and true to what you REALLY want out of life then LET’S DO THIS! I don’t know about you but >>>This girl<<<< is tired of going through the motions of daily life. I want to have the life that I know I’m capable of having and by setting goals and daily to-do lists to help me get there…I know that I WILL!

So, now it’s your turn…..are you going to make resolutions on January 1 and then forget them before February even comes around OR are you going to join me in making the CHOICE to be a better you, work HARD, and achieve greatness?

The CHOICE is yours….


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November is about GIVING BACK

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OK, so we all know that with this time of year also comes the parties and family gatherings which include not so healthy foods.  Large meals and desserts are all around us during the Holiday season.  Year after year we slack in our workouts, eat way too much and pack on 5-10 pounds during the winter months.  Instead of waiting until January to get back on track, how about starting NOW and either maintain your current weight or even lose a couple of pounds?  Be PRO-ACTIVE instead of reactive.

In the month of November I am offering cash back as well as a coupon on future purchases AND a donation to Feeding America.  The month of November is all about saving money and helping those in need.
Don’t wait until the New Year.  Email me at and lets get started on your PREVENTION to weight gain TODAY!
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Online Support Group

Group Coching


Want these kind of results?

Then join me along with 4 other amazing coaches and receive our tips and best practices to achieve the body you want. We will provide the nutrition, fitness and personalized coaching in one place!

Group will be starting on November 4th 🙂

Email me at for more info!!