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I’m Inviting YOU!

CaptureGood morning everyone!! I’m inviting you all to my Bounce Back Challenge Group featuring Insanity Max: 30

Who is this group for?
– Anyone who wants to lose up to 30 lbs in 60 days and KEEP IT OFF!
– Anyone that wants a meal plan, doesn’t have much time to cook, wants workouts that are only 30 minutes.
– Anyone that wants to have the support of others and one on one coaching.
– Anyone that wants to create habits that will last LONG AFTER this group is over!
– Anyone that wants to see FAST results.
– Anyone that gets bitchy when they diet and end up binging then gaining all of the weight back.
– Anyone that has a few pounds to lose to 100+ pounds to lose.
–>The point….ANYONE!!

Here’s what you need to do BEFORE December 19th!!
-Commit to 60 Days
-Click ‘GOING’ to this event
-Invite a friend or family member
-Purchase the CHALLENGE PACK at the link below this post
-Comment below once your order has been placed

Remember: all CHALLENGE PACK orders are getting a $25 REBATE from me plus all participants in the group will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 NIKE gift card!

Order HERE and click ‘shop’

*Rebate and gift card only applicable for existing or new clients. Cannot be a coach or currently working with a coach*

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Benefits of a Food Journal

Day 2 NutritionThere are so many good reasons to keep a food journal…Here are just a few

1. Improves Weight Loss. This is not a surprise. Research shows that 80% of your weight loss success comes from what you put into your belly. You can work out for hours and hours BUT if you do not consume the proper nutrition you won’t reach those goals or get that six-pack that you have been wanting.

2. Better Overall Nutrition. A journal will allow you to review your consumption and see if there could potentially be an area for improvement. Are you missing any vital minerals and/or nutrients? Are you consuming too much or too little of a particular food group? Are you eating a high amount of processed foods rather than natural unprocessed foods?

3. Food Sensitivities or Allergies? Beside writing down what you are eating, be sure to also include HOW you FEEL prior and after eating. Making note of how you felt before eating will alert you for patterns. Where you upset, angry, stressed happy or relaxed? Did your mood affect what you ate? Jotting down how you felt afterwards can give you some insight if you may be sensitive to a particular food group. After consuming dairy, eggs or gluten do you get an upset belly or headache? Are you finding that you become tired after eating a certain food or food group? Is your body or joints achy? I know that it sounds silly, but many of our daily ailments come from WHAT we consume.

Do you keep a food journal? Are you noticing any trends or patterns? I’m curious to hear what you are noticing. Please comment and let me know!