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5 Tips to Help with Negative Self Talk

There is nothing more that upsets me than when I hear someone talking negatively about themselves. Most of the time I hear this when it comes to wanting to become healthy and more fit. I get it you guys…we all have something that we don’t like about ourselves. I was no different and if I’m being honest there are still things about me that I’m trying to improve on. I use to make comments about my large bum, my jiggly thighs or my love of food because I felt if I made the comments that I assumed others were thinking that I would address the ‘elephant in the room’ so to say.

But here’s what’s wrong with that…by saying these things not only was I putting it out there for other people to believe but I was also starting to believe these things about me. I was believing that no matter how healthy I ate, I wouldn’t lose weight. No matter how what workout I did, nothing would change. This was just me … how God intended and I should just get use to it. Bull!!

Those negative thoughts take up space in your head for one reason…because you feel you aren’t good enough to be healthy. Aren’t good enough to be happy. Aren’t motivated enough to take action. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can! Embrace your imperfections because y’all there are some things that we simply cannot change. I will always have a booty…however I can work on shaping it and lifting it…but it takes ACTION! Stop hiding behind those negative thoughts and excuses and really decide if becoming healthy, becoming more fit is a priority. If it’s not…then you need to accept what you aren’t willing to change. But if you decide it is a priority then COMMIT…go ALL IN…it will be intimidating and difficult but I promise you….it’s SO WORTH IT!

Here’s 5 ways to flip the switch for negative self talk

1. Focus on what you have done – stop comparing yourself to others. Take a look at your own life and make a list of your accomplishments. Are you raising responsible children? Did you get promoted at work? Do your friends come to you because you are a great listener and have amazing advice?

2. Create goals that are specific – ‘I want to lose weight’. ‘I want to become stronger’. ‘I want to run faster’. These are great goals but these mean nothing. If you lose 1 pound is that enough? Or are you looking to lose 10, 15, 20+ pounds? If you want to become stronger…stronger than what? Again, if you are able to do 1 more push up is that enough for you? Probably again make a plan to do 15 push ups every night for a week and add in 5 more each week. Your goals MUST have numbers assigned to them because without them they have no value.

3. Positive Affirmations – when you wake up write down 3 to 5 positive ‘I am’ statements. This will help you get into a positive mindset before your day even starts. Feel free to come back to these during the day if you need to. Several ‘I am’ statements are…
‘I am a valuable lovable person and will find love’
‘I am worthy of being happy and choose to be around people who lift me up’
‘I am in control of the food that enters my body and will make healthy choices today’
‘I am an active person and will choose to be active for 30 minutes today’

4. Writing and Destroying – Journal your thoughts..all of them! Get all of your frustrations out onto paper…then tear it up or burn it. There is something very therapeutic of allowing yourself to feel your imperfects, think through them while writing them out and then seeing those negative thoughts burn into flames.

5. Change your surroundings – It really is true that we mimic the people that we have in our lives. If you find that your friends are negative or create drama…it may be time to find new friends. If you are wanting to become healthy and more fit you should surround yourself with other people who also are wanting that. Be people around people with common interests will not only help your mindset but it will help you to actually reach your goal!

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Much Love