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I get that I can only provide people with possible solutions to better their health and to be there for when THEY are ready to commit. I can’t do the work for them, only they know if now is the RIGHT time.

For those of you who are ready, and I mean SERIOUSLY ready to make 2014 your BEST year, keep reading.

I have made the CHOICE to set high goals this next year. I have big dreams and honestly, I’m tired of them being dreams. I’m going to turn them into MY reality. Here are a couple of my goals:

1) Marry my love in June 2014
2) Lose 50 pounds in 2014…Like I said I have BIG goals.
3) Have my personal training certification completed by the end of April 2014
4) Be a Turbo Kick instructor by the end of January 2014
5) Become a Diamond coach in my fitness business in 2014

and last but not least…..Make myself available to others daily, even more so than in the past to help THEM achieve their goals!

WHY? Because I know that it can be done! If you are determined, dedicated and true to what you REALLY want out of life then LET’S DO THIS! I don’t know about you but >>>This girl<<<< is tired of going through the motions of daily life. I want to have the life that I know I’m capable of having and by setting goals and daily to-do lists to help me get there…I know that I WILL!

So, now it’s your turn…..are you going to make resolutions on January 1 and then forget them before February even comes around OR are you going to join me in making the CHOICE to be a better you, work HARD, and achieve greatness?

The CHOICE is yours….


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2014 Is YOUR Year!

challenge image

We all make the same resolution each year….to lose weight.  There is a little more than 3 weeks until we again decide that we want to lose weight and focus on becoming healthy.  How many people actually keep that goal past January?  I’m going to say not very many.  Well, I’m here to help.

I will be hosting an online event where we will be doing the same workouts, using the same meal guide, and supporting each other during the process via an online discussion forum.  This group is for those READY & SERIOUS to commit to the Program! Those who want MEGA results & are READY to work for them! WE DO THIS TOGETHER!

I’m also throwing in a FREE gift once you complete the program!  Click HERE to visit the site for the complete run down.  You can also email me at

What are you waiting for?  Start achieving the body and health you have always wanted.

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Last Chance Workout Challenge

challenge imageJuly is almost half way over which means for some of us the nice weather will soon be ending.  Winter will be here before you know it which means the winter 10 will be happening to some of us as well.  The winter 10 are those 10 pounds you pack on during the colder months because you aren’t as active or you slack of since shorts, tanks and swim suits aren’t the main part of your wardrobe.

DON’T let this be you!!  Take action now by joining me for a weight loss challenge.  Spots are filling up fast so make sure you like, comment or email me (see ‘contact me’ tab)  ASAP to reserve your place today!



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Make The Decision To Commit




Changes don’t happen over night however with consistency and determination they WILL occur. The only way to self develop is to look at what occurred in the past and make necessary changes for TODAY to succeed tomorrow. 

What are you going to do differently to achieve your goals? No time better than the present to get started. Set 10 min aside today to reflect if you haven’t done so already and get to it!

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Shaun T Time!







I usually don’t post things like this however I’m super excited!  Shaun T just came out with T25 and I can’t wait to get started.  I will be getting this soon and I’m looking for 5 people to join me.  What’s so exciting is you only need 25min in your day to get an hour’s worth of results.  That’s HUGE!!  Click here ASAP for details to join this exclusive group!

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What is Healthy?

Ugh…the word healthy has so many meanings.  Unfortunately many people look at the word healthy as a never achievable thing.  Why?  Because we are taught from society that being healthy means being a certain number on the scale.  That’s right the SCALE…..I personally hate that word.  We let the scale define us, control our mood, and make us feel like failures.  Do me a favor…..GET RID OF THE SCALE!  I don’t care if you have someone hide it or you toss it in the garbage, just get rid of it.  I know, I know, some of you will say “I can’t do that, how will I know if I’m losing weight?”.  Come on people, wake up!!  You will know that you are losing weight when your clothes get bigger, you have more energy, you can do more activities, and your fat turns into fab.  If you are a numbers person and need some time of tracking then use measurements.  Measure your chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves, and biceps and track these numbers on a monthly basis.  No matter if you are losing weight or gaining muscle those measurements are going to go down.

Notice I said if you are gaining “muscle” then those numbers will go down.  What happens when you gain muscle and you weigh yourself?  You GAIN weight!!  Why?  Because muscle weighs more than fat.  We all know this but when we see that number on the scale go up we freak out (myself included) and we forget about all of the hard work we have been putting into our workouts and nutrition and can only focus on that damn number.  So again, get rid of the scale!

Being healthy means feeling good about yourself, loving the way you look, not living a stressful life.  It’s also means not smoking, drinking excessively, lowering that cholesterol and so much more.  Don’t let the number on the scale dictate your healthfulness and influence how you feel about yourself.

I’m interested on your views of the scale.  Are you like me or are you totally fine with with the scale tells you.  Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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5K Series – Week 1

Week one is over and it was a frustrating week.  I stuck to my eating which was GREAT but to be honest running makes me mad LOL.  Of course my shins and ankles are KILLING me afterwards every single time it was a run day.  The cardio aspect of running was good.  I wasn’t tired, felt energetic and almost to the point that I felt like I needed to do something else because my lungs weren’t getting a workout.  I didn’t push myself though because I wanted to stay on track with my schedule and be able to provide you with the proper results.

Week 1 schedule was suppose to be:

Week 1 Schedule




BUT….ended up to be:

Week 1 Schedule Actual




Day 1 my lungs were fine while running however outer ankles were hurting so I had to stop to stretch them often.

Day 2 I crossed trained and did Turbo Fire 60 and felt great afterwards.  The nice thing was that it didn’t bother my shins or ankles so it gave them a nice rest.

Day 3 I went back to running and got frustrated.  It took me until mile 2 to feel ‘ok’ with my shins and ankles.  Decided a trip to the running store was needed.

Day 4 I walked during my lunch break at work however did nothing in the evening because my legs were killing!

Day 5 and 6 I took those days off.  My legs were still really sore and I was afraid to push it too much because I didn’t want to do more harm than good.

Day 7 was a strength day so I did ChaLEAN Extreme in the morning.

So this is what I learned from this past week.  New shoes were needed so I went to the running store yesterday and they evaluated the landing of my feet while running.  The findings….when I land I tilt my ankle inward which puts strain on the outside of my ankle and also causes shin splints.  I ended up getting a pair of Nike Zoom Structure Radom Pics 004which turned out to also be Nike+ shoes, so I was a happy girl.   The benefits of the Nike Zoom Structure shoe is it features multiple pronation-control benefits and a snug, comfortable fit .  While in the store I jogged across the showroom and actually didn’t feel sharp pains from my ankle to knees that I have been experiencing.  I will be testing them out today on my run and will let you know the results.


This weeks schedule is:

Week 2 Schedule




Please click “like” if you found this article helpful and feel free to leave a comment.  Also for this past weeks videos check out  www.YouTube/user/HealthyJrny for this past weeks videos.

Time to get running!