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Building a Solid Foundation in Your Weight Loss Journey

Happy Monday! I wanted to discuss a topic that constantly comes up when I am talking to people about their personal struggles when it comes to working out and eating healthy. Often times what I find is that people DO want to make a change, they want to start incorporating a daily workout plan and do want to fuel their body right but they have no idea where to start. Which workouts to do? How much to eat? When to eat? What to eat? There is so much information out there and fads that people hop on the newest trend thinking that this is going to be their saving grace. Most often times, it’s not. Why? Because they have not built that solid foundation and knowledge that it takes to understand what your body needs. There’s no guidance even when you have a personal trainer, most of them do not touch on the topic of food. You go to a gym, pay tons of money to become a member, even pay extra for a personal trainer and you only touch on fitness. What most people don’t realize is that working out only produces about twenty percent of your results. The other eighty comes from your nutrition. So how do we fix this?

So how do you build that foundation and knowledge that leads to success? By being plugged into a community where you incorporate working out, where you are TAUGHT how much to eat, what to eat and the magical question…WHY you eat this way. But the one thing that is CRUCIAL to this foundation stage is support! Ever realize how on January first the gyms will be packed, you may be driving around and see people outside running or walking and then as the month continues you see less and less of this. These people are not held accountable for showing up so it’s super easy to call it quits! By having a community where you not only learn about how to change your lifestyle but also be held accountable increases your chances of reaching your overall health and fitness goals by a substantial margin. I know because this is how I was. I have done every ‘diet’ known to man, every workout DVD but I always fell off the wagon. No one knew if I didn’t press play that day. No one knew if I had that cheeseburger from my favorite fast food joint. No one knew therefore I could be easy on myself and justify that somehow I deserved a ‘break’. Maybe you can relate?

Let me ask you….if you had access to countless of workouts (over 600 to be exact), a workout calendar so that you knew which workout to do on which day, a meal guide that told you exactly how much to eat and what to eat, plus a community that you could plug into for healthy lifestyle tips along with fitness and nutrition tips AND this community would be the KEY to YOUR success would you become a member? A community that would notice if you didn’t show up. A community where people ARE there for you when you were having an awful day and wanted to stress eat. If you are interested in joining this kind of community or maybe just need a little more information then shoot me an email at We can go over your struggles, your goals and we can create a plan together that will bridge the gap. You don’t have to be alone throughout this journey.


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Benefits of a Food Journal

Day 2 NutritionThere are so many good reasons to keep a food journal…Here are just a few

1. Improves Weight Loss. This is not a surprise. Research shows that 80% of your weight loss success comes from what you put into your belly. You can work out for hours and hours BUT if you do not consume the proper nutrition you won’t reach those goals or get that six-pack that you have been wanting.

2. Better Overall Nutrition. A journal will allow you to review your consumption and see if there could potentially be an area for improvement. Are you missing any vital minerals and/or nutrients? Are you consuming too much or too little of a particular food group? Are you eating a high amount of processed foods rather than natural unprocessed foods?

3. Food Sensitivities or Allergies? Beside writing down what you are eating, be sure to also include HOW you FEEL prior and after eating. Making note of how you felt before eating will alert you for patterns. Where you upset, angry, stressed happy or relaxed? Did your mood affect what you ate? Jotting down how you felt afterwards can give you some insight if you may be sensitive to a particular food group. After consuming dairy, eggs or gluten do you get an upset belly or headache? Are you finding that you become tired after eating a certain food or food group? Is your body or joints achy? I know that it sounds silly, but many of our daily ailments come from WHAT we consume.

Do you keep a food journal? Are you noticing any trends or patterns? I’m curious to hear what you are noticing. Please comment and let me know!

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Did you have lunch?

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LIKE this post if you had lunch!

Today I had a spring mix salad made with cucumber, red bell pepper, tuna and cheese. My favorite part of the salad was the dressing! I’m loving the Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing from my P90X3 meal guide….it’s seriously DELISH!

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Spruce up your Workouts

Ad for Spring 2013 ChallengeDo you realize that spring is right around the Corner? March 20th to be exact!

You spruce up your house when the seasons change, so why not do the same with your workouts?

Doing the same routine every day not only can get boring but can also cause plateaus. Your body becomes accustomed to those moves and your muscles (including your heart) doesn’t react the same way.

I’m starting a new group on March 3 called ‘Spruce Up Your Fitness Routine’ and would love for you to join me! We’ll check in daily for support, workout at home using a top fitness program, receive meal plans, and drink Shakeology daily (an all natural meal replacement drink). We WILL see results and feel better in 30 days (Just in time for that swimsuit weather!).

Comment below with your email address or feel free to either email me at or message me on Facebook at to claim your spot!